We have developed a strong relationship with many major insurance companies, giving us an edge over the competition and allowing our owners to provide quality services to our clients. In addition, we provide superior Marketing and Advertising

Marketing + Advertising

As a Cannas Capital franchisee, you receive support from our marketing and advertising team, which creates images with our target customers in mind. You will have trademark brand-name recognition and co-op advertising.

Onboarding + Support

Once you join the Cannas Capital family, we will get you started with our training program. The program has the expertise of successful franchisees and franchisors to help them succeed. You are not in this business alone! We provide compliance, training, and mentorship, as well as ongoing support and management evaluations.

Brand Strength

The brand name usually has an advantage over an unaffiliated business. Our brand and reputation are strong in the industries that we serve. Branding makes it easier to compare with well-established independent operators, and also against big-name insurance agencies.

Proven Business Model

At Cannas Capital, we believe that there are riches in niches. With our unique approach to focusing on 4 industries and giving expert advice, we have developed a successful business model. The proven system allows franchisees to follow a successful plan with a high success rate. The franchisee can also enjoy a fast-paced, exciting fun work environment and cost savings as a result of buying power of the franchise.

Financing Available

One of the major challenges any potential franchise will face is financing. With startup costs starting at $49,000, we help you secure financing so that the startup cost will not be a problem.

160+ Insurance Carriers

We represent over 160 insurance carriers. This gives us the ability to insure more people, regardless of what their personal situation may be. All this while keeping premiums low.



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