Cannas Capital Insurance Firm prides our company on being a member of the Communities and Industries that we cover. We serve as experts in the unique risk related to our clients’ businesses. We are dedicated to providing our customers with insight on regulatory and potential hazards to create the best Risk Management Packages at competitive rates. We’ve partnered with brokers and carriers to create unique and affordable coverage for all of our clients.

Just make one call to our agency, and we can shop your coverage through many top-rated companies. Our professional staff can be your liaison with the insurance carrier in the event of a claim. We work for you, not the insurance company.

Give us a call today or use the contact form to discover how we are uniquely positioned to help you and your business stay protected.

We are members of Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana, National Cannabis Industry Association, Women Grow, Women Empowered In Cannabis, and ASTM International.

Cimone Casson

Chief Executive Officer

Cimone Casson is an insurance agent and the owner of Cannas Capital Insurance Firm, Cannas Capital Securities, and Cannas Capital Holdings. She has served on the board of directors for several organizations and corporations where she has worked tirelessly to advance Federal Reform, Social Equity, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Through her work, she has created tangible pathways to Environmental, Sustainable/ Social, and Governance in many states and she now serves as the Social Economics Director for M4MM.

Cimone attended Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan completing studies in art; she used her love for beauty and fashion to establish her first business in Chicago. Cimone opened a make-up studio and spa that was featured in the Chicago Sun Times and Red Eye Chicago. She gradually climbed the ladder of small business success and her clientele and revenue grew. It came to an abrupt halt in 2009 with the great recession, which forced her to close the business. She learned that the only plausible way to save her business would have been to use bank loans, but due to her unfamiliarity with the banking system and credit requirements, she was not able to do so. This life-changing experience motivated her to enhance her current knowledge of banking and investing and it inspired her to study finance.

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Nathaniel Hicks, Jr

Vice-President of North-East Territory

Nathaniel Hicks, Jr is a commercial lines insurance specialist. Small to mid-size businesses are the life’s blood of our economy. As a serial entrepreneur, first-hand experience has made Mr. Hicks uniquely aware of the importance and need of giving business owners undivided attention and consultation.

While owners are on the path of completing their vision, effective Risk Analysis and proper trade specific products are paramount in hedging known and unknown risks waiting to cripple the dream.

Mr. Hicks’ servant’s heart has placed him at the tables of community service venues to be a voice in his hometown neighbourhood in Baltimore City, were he serves as Vice President of the Ednor Gardens Lakeside Civic Association and panel member in the fight to rectify the blight of vacant properties plaguing the city.

Honored in being appointed to The Cannas Capital Firm, Mr. Hicks, a former Lobbyist and President of a cannabis patient advocacy non-profit, is charged with propelling the brand of client 1 st service. Being at the forefront of the Maryland medical cannabis industry has afforded Mr. Hicks with a treasure trove of resources, networks and circles of influence to benefit present and future clients and partners of Cannas Capital.

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Director of Professional Athletes and Corporation Division

Crawford James, Jr.

Crawford James, a native of the Village of Woodlawn, a small suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio, brings a diverse background and a wealth of experience to the team at Cannas Capital. With his strong foundation in finance, entrepreneurial ventures, and a passion for athletics, Crawford is a valuable asset to our organization.

Crawford's love for basketball began during his formative years at Princeton High School, where he not only honed his skills on the court but also graduated as an accomplished student-athlete. Continuing his athletic journey, he attended Berea College, where he played basketball and graduated with a degree in business administration, complemented by a minor in communications. Crawford's leadership qualities shone through as he served as the captain of the basketball team during his senior year.

After completing his education, Crawford embarked on a successful career in the financial industry, starting at Fidelity Investments. Over the course of nine years, he worked across various positions, gaining comprehensive experience in the 401(k) back office, equity and fixed income trading floors, as well as personal and institutional retirement planning roles. Crawford's dedication and expertise also led him to hold financial advisory roles at both Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.

Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Crawford established his own Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) practice, catering to the unique financial needs of doctors, small business owners, and professional athletes. During this time, Crawford also acquired a license to cultivate cannabis in Michigan, becoming a licensed caregiver in 2010. His passion for the cannabis industry led him to organize and lead a successful campaign for the approval of medical cannabis cultivation in the historic community of Idlewild, Michigan.

In addition to his financial and cannabis ventures, Crawford owns and operates a thriving commercial garden supply company, further expanding his entrepreneurial portfolio. Crawford's commitment to the development of young athletes led him to his current role as a Level III Recruiting Coordinator for NCSA/IMG Academy. In this capacity, he aids and prepares high school student-athletes and their families for the complex recruiting process, leveraging his extensive experience in the sports industry.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Crawford cherishes his role as a dedicated father to three sons and a loving husband of 18 years. He finds solace and adventure in his love for fishing and the great outdoors. Crawford maintains a disciplined fitness routine, dedicating 5-6 days a week to exercise and staying active.

Crawford James brings a wealth of knowledge, a diverse skill set, and a passion for excellence to the Cannas Capital team. His multifaceted background and entrepreneurial spirit align with our mission of driving success and innovation in the cannabis industry.

Sales Administrator

Akanksha Chauhan

Akanksha is a dynamic administrative assistant at Cannas Capital, representing Team Cannas Capital with dedication and professionalism. With a passion for organization and a keen eye for detail, Akanksha plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of the company's operations. Her exceptional multitasking abilities and excellent communication skills make her a valuable asset to the team.

Having a strong background in administrative tasks and a genuine enthusiasm for the Insurance industry, Akanksha brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to her role. She excels in managing calendars, coordinating meetings, and handling sensitive and confidential information with the utmost discretion. Moreover, her warm and approachable demeanor creates a welcoming environment for both clients and colleagues.

In addition to her administrative prowess, Akanksha is a proactive problem solver, always seeking innovative solutions to enhance workflow efficiency. Her commitment to excellence and continuous personal growth makes her an integral part of Team Cannas Capital, supporting the company's mission and contributing to its success in the ever-evolving Insurance market.

Sales Assistant

Vartika Bharadwaj

Vartika is a skilled and enthusiastic sales assistant at Cannas Capital, representing the spirit and dedication of Team Cannas Capital. With a passion for sales and an in-depth understanding of the Insurance industry, Vartika plays a crucial role in supporting the company's growth and success.

Her natural flair for building strong relationships with clients and her persuasive communication style make her an exceptional asset to the sales team. Vartika is always eager to learn and stay updated on the latest trends and developments in the Insurance market, allowing her to provide valuable insights and solutions to customers.

With a proactive approach, Vartika takes initiative to ensure that clients receive top-notch service and have a seamless experience with Cannas Capital. Her friendly and approachable demeanor fosters trust and loyalty among clients, making her a true ambassador for the company.

Through her unwavering commitment to excellence and her ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment, Vartika continues to contribute significantly to Team Cannas Capital's mission of providing top-quality products and services in the Insurance industry.

Public Relations Officer

Marcia Pledger

Marcia Pledger is a freelance business journalist, content creator and author with 30 years-experience covering local and national stories on topics as diverse as cannabis and technology, to opinion pieces and small business challenges.

She’s the former editorial and engagement editor at the Jacksonville Times-Union, where she was the first woman and first person of color in this key role in Florida’s largest city. Prior to that role she spent most of her life working as a reporter, newspaper columnist and multimedia journalist.

She’s had multiple newspaper columns throughout the years, including one that lasted 10 years for the Plain Dealer in Cleveland called “My Biggest Mistake...and How I Fixed It.” She interviewed more than 450 people for that series, Marcia is passionate about sharing stories of reinvention.

She’s also the co-founder of the Ohio Cannabis Health & Business Summit, an annual educational event in Cleveland aimed at both the general public and people in the cannabis industry.

Board Chair

Eric Foster

Eric has 29 years’ experience in regulatory policy, business development, community engagement, government affairs and talent management.

He currently leads collaborative projects with Banks & Company clients, government agencies & business stakeholders in Commercial Marijuana, Pharmacy Benefits Management, Public Education & Energy sectors. He also lead the collaborative efforts with various government agencies and business stakeholders in the cannabis industry, strategic planning, market trends, application preparation, negotiation, compliance, reasonable taxation and assessment schedules that offer financial benefits to clients as well as communities.

Leo Bridgewater

Leo Bridgewater Sr. was born and raised in Trenton NJ. He attended Trenton Central High School graduating in 1994. In 2001 Leo enlisted into the United States Army in response to the September 11 attacks in New York City and Washington DC. Leo spent 5 years as a Telecommunications specialist with multiple deployments to Iraq. Leo separated from the Army in 2006 and spent 2 1⁄2 years working for the Dept. of the Army at the Pentagon in Washington DC. As a Department of Defense Contractor serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Leo has worked for companies like L-3 Communications, ITT systems, and Excellis.

Having had 3 battle buddies attempt suicide and 2 being successful. The number of Veteran suicides per day (22) is an issue Leo finds to be totally unacceptable. Leo’s advocacy has seen him testify in NJ Senate Committee to have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) added to the NJ Medical Marijuana Program. In September of 2016 NJ Gov. Chris Christie signed bill S-2345 adding PTSD as a qualifying condition to the NJMMP. Leo is an Advisory Board Member for
Cannabis World Conference Business Expo (CWCBE), and National Director of Veterans Outreach with Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana. Leo is Co-Founder of Cannagather NJ and has partnered with organizations like Coalition Medical Marijuana New Jersey, Women Grow, Drug Policy Alliance, The Americans Civil Liberties Union, Cannabis Cultural Association, the New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association, and NJ Cannabusiness Association. Leo has testified in NJ Senate Committee for bill S3195 The Taxation and regulation of cannabis for adult use.

As a partner of Heart Community Capital, Co-Owner of Collective 60, and Co-host of the Smoke and Hero’s podcast. Leo hopes to be a vessel by which the industry works through in the state of New Jersey. Leo is married to Dr. LaShona Bridgewater PhD and has two children: Leo Jr. 16 and Langston 6.

Eugene Monroe

Eugene Christopher Monroe (born April 18, 1987) is a former American football offensive tackle renowned for his impactful career in the National Football League (NFL). Over the span of seven seasons, Monroe showcased his exceptional skills on the field, leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

Selected as the eighth overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft, Eugene embarked on his professional journey with the Jacksonville Jaguars. His early years with the Jaguars were marked by dedication, determination, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. However, a pivotal moment arrived during the 2013 regular season when a trade catapulted him into a new chapter with the Baltimore Ravens. With the Ravens, he continued to demonstrate his prowess as an
offensive tackle, further solidifying his legacy in the league.
Eugene's unyielding dedication to football was evident in his every play, but his journey took an unexpected turn. In June 2016, following his release from the Ravens, Eugene Monroe made the courageous decision to retire from the NFL. At just 29 years of age, he chose to prioritize his long-term well-being, having encountered concerns about head trauma sustained throughout his football career.

A product of his exceptional college career, Eugene honed his talents while playing college football at the University of Virginia. His time at the collegiate level served as a foundation for his future accomplishments in the NFL, showcasing his skills and determination.

Beyond his on-field achievements, Eugene Monroe is renowned for his bold advocacy for the medical use of cannabis. He made history as the first active NFL player to publicly challenge the league's policy on this crucial issue. With his powerful voice, he has shed light on the potential benefits of cannabis in addressing medical concerns and has been a driving force behind changing perceptions and policies in the sporting world.
Eugene Monroe's journey encompasses far more than his time on the football field. It's a tale of resilience, courage, and a commitment to making a positive impact both within and beyond the realm of sports. His legacy continues to inspire athletes, advocates, and individuals worldwide.