Employee Benefits

Cannas Capital Insurance Agency has a reputation for excellence in the products and services we offer.
We provide a full range of services including employee benefits, workmen compensation, financial and retirement products, and services.

In addition, to our professional staff and value-added services, Cannas Capital Insurance Agency is capable of providing a wealth of resources to our clients through prestigious national affiliations.
All of our Healthcare Plans meet Affordable Act Compliance and we offer benefit plan consultations to assure your team is provided with the best plans for their needs.

Cannas Capital Insurance Agency uses three core principles to manage your employee benefits plans:

  • Provide professional value-added services
  • Strategic planning
  • Five-star service and cutting-edge technology
Products and Services :

  • Enhanced Employee Benefits including Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Short-Term and Long-Term Care Plans
  • Workmen’s Compensation
  • C-Suite Succession Plans
  • Retirement Solutions and 401K Plans
  • We have partnered with a national affiliate to offer employee 401(k) or 401(a) plan to meet the compliance with the legal requirements set forth by the Department of Labor (DOL) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as well, we want to help meet the company goals to minimize employer contributions while still making employees happy.
  • GAP Plans
  • Teledoc
Perks :

  • Employee Bank Benefits
  • Cash Advance Programs
  • Supplemental Cannabis In-Network Purchase Plan
  • Our in-network dispensaries, you get a preferred rate that is applied to cannabis meds purchase. *Pre-existing conditions*, not a problem, we  will accept you. Cannabis is effective in many chronic conditions. Our plans are compliant and in many cases, they can be reimbursed from the  HRA or your employer. Let us show you how it works.
  • Cimone Casson

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